Garion: Dragon Betrayed Release

Waking up trapped in a tiny cell was not the outcome I expected when I led my men to a rescue mission. Though we didn’t allow aliens into our planet, we weren’t cruel enough to deny a cry for help that looked genuine. We had taken all the precautions we thought necessary, but we still fell into their trap.

One minute we were home, the next we were prisoners inside this massive spaceship.

Feeling helpless and frustrated, I wanted to burn the place down on the ground.

But it was then when it hit me… the sweet, inebriant scent of her, of the one that was meant to be my mate…

I spent ten earth years looking for her. Her betrayal corroded my soul,, and I wanted revenge. I wanted her to experience all the pain I had gone through ever since she abandoned me to my fate.

Unfortunately, I was never on time. Whenever I thought I had her, she was long gone, as if she could sense I was coming for her, and that only fueled my anger.

However, lately my urgency is fueled by something completely different. Dread and an uncanny bad feeling made my soul cringe pushed me to find her faster than ever.

Something was wrong, and I needed to find her to find out what it was.
And then, after ten years, there she was, alone in the woods, with no one to protect her or save her from me.
She was mine at last.