Alien Heart Pre-Order Delivers May 4th

Aliens, three species, invaded my world. But only one dares to conquer my heart.


The Septians destroyed everything I knew and loved, but that was only the beginning of what they had in store for me. My future, if you could call it that, would be as a breeder to alien hosts, and there was no escape. Until one of the Slyth Generals took me. He works for the Septians, does their bidding with no regard for life. Cruel. Sadistic. A killer. And he targeted me, but not for death. Not for the breeding program. For something far beyond what I ever envisioned. He claims I’m his mate, that one day I’ll love him. For now, I follow his rules, waiting for my chance to escape. But as his telepathic words invade my mind and his touches reach my soul, I begin to wonder if Ryoko is my future.


Maya and the other humans don’t understand that my men and I have been enslaved by the Septians as much as her people. Their drugs control us and the dragons who burn the human cities and capture any who dare defy the Septians. But my little human broke through my drug-haze, allowing me to think, feel, and care again. If only she would not see me as her enemy… I won’t force her to love me, but I will protect her. Without her, I am nothing. With her—if she gives me a chance—I can bring the Septians to their knees and free her world.

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