Alpha Conquerer – SAMPLE CHAPTERS

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Danielle looked around and back at her car’s GPS. This did not seem like the right road, though the annoying voice on the device kept telling her to go forward. The night was very dark, thanks to the heavy clouds that hid the full moon, and there were no lights at all, anywhere around.

She was supposed to arrive at her cousin’s mountain cabin several hours ago. A wrong turn had taken her to this place, in the middle of nowhere. She was traveling on a dirt road, surrounded by huge trees and utterly lost, despite her GPS insistence she was going the right way.

She parked the car on the nearest road shoulder. She decided to reset her GPS and get a new course. She wanted to get the hell out of this place. It gave her the creeps.

She reset the GPS, then entered the cabin address again and waited for the device to calculate the best way there, from where she was now.

She grunted with sheer frustration when the damn voice told her to drive forward for another two hours and then turn right to access another nameless road. She was totally lost.

But that wasn’t the worst part. Danielle was entering her estrous cycle, and for the first time, she wasn’t on the pills her parents insisted she take to inhibit the whole thing.

Chapter One

She was tired of the dark, depressing mood the pills got her into. She was twenty-four years old now, and she decided it was time for her to take the reins of her life and live it as she wanted and not as her parents expected her to.

Both alphas, she had been a disappointment to her parents. There hadn’t been an omega female on their families for generations, and when they found out she was one, they had done all in their power to hide it. They had forbidden her to talk about it, and she had been forced to accept their decision while she was living under their roof.

That was until last night, actually. When her father announced, he had found the perfect man to mate her and become her alpha.

She had lost it.

She would never accept it. No matter how much her father yelled at her or how many times her mother used guilt to convince her into accepting it, this time, she wouldn’t change her mind.

For omegas, mating was for life. There was no turning back, no changing your mind, once you bonded with an alpha. There was no way in hell she would accept an alpha chosen by her father.

After a volatile fight with her parents, where they did their best to overpower her objections to the match. When it seemed clear they wouldn’t even consider her feelings in the matter, she had packed some of her things, and driven off to her cousin’s place in the mountains. Steven had given her a key and offered her to use the cabin whenever she wanted.

Now, after over twelve hours driving and a short stop on a lousy road motel, she was lost in the middle of nowhere.

Frustrated, and suddenly finding it hard to breathe, she hopped out of the car, hoping the cold air of the mountains would help her cool off. Perhaps, this hadn’t been the best time for her to drop the awful pills. She had no idea what an estrous cycle implied. Going through it for the first time, all by herself, was probably not the best decision she had ever made.

She leaned against her car’s hood and took a deep breath of the crisp night air, pushing her shaky fingers through her disheveled mane of brown curls.

Going back the same road wouldn’t do her any good. She had been traveling it for the past four hours, so she might have better luck finding her way by going forward. The damn road had to lead somewhere.

Anywhere but here would be perfect. Danielle needed to get some rest, but spending the night on this road, surrounded by all these creepy trees, didn’t look like a good idea.

As if to confirm her thoughts, a loud howl broke the thick silence of the night, and a shudder of fear rushed down her spine. It sounded like no howl she had ever heard, and it seemed too close for her peace of mind.

Straightening, she looked around nervously, hoping that had come from an animal, as she quickly walked to her car and drove away, not willing to take any chances. With her estrous cycle beginning, she knew she would soon become a magnet for alphas. Her scent would travel pretty fast, and further than she ever thought possible. That much she knew.

The stories she had heard in the last village she had stopped in for gas, about a beast wandering loose in the woods, came to her mind. But she dismissed them, sure they had been promoted by a pack of her own people, to keep people away from their lands.

Driving as fast as she could along the unfamiliar dark road, she followed her GPS instructions. After about thirty minutes, she heard a loud thump, as if something had fallen onto her car’s roof. Startled, she jerked the wheel and hit a tree.

The airbags went off immediately and smashed her against the seat, taking her breath away for a few moments. Shaking her head, she took some deep breaths to calm the thundering of her heart. She looked around, searching for the cause of the sound, but unable to see anything other than the narrow path lit by her car lights.

Ignoring the deflated airbags, she turned the key to start her car, almost crying out with relief when the engine rumbled to life. Danielle was determined to get the hell out of there as soon as possible. Whatever hit her car couldn’t be anything good. The sooner she got away from there, the better it would be.

Danielle put the car in reverse and backed away from the tree she had hit. She was about to drive ahead when she saw a huge figure standing in the middle of the road. Her car lights gave her a pretty good look at it, and her heart stopped for a moment, frozen in fear.

She had never seen anything like that. Taller than most men she knew, including her father, who was way over six feet tall, the thing couldn’t possibly be an earthling. Broad shoulders, sturdy, heavily muscled body, long sharp claws instead of nails, dark skin, as in really dark, almost black, almond-shaped, big, blue eyes, elongated snout with so many sharp, lethal teeth in it, as well as long fangs, she was sure it could break her in two as easily as she would break a twig, and blueish black hair, that went down his neck and into his back, like a patch of fur, not to mention his pointy hears, he was the scariest creature she had ever seen in her whole life. He barely had clothes on, just some raggedy pants that didn’t hide the powerful legs they tried to cover.

More scared than ever in her whole life, she shifted the car into drive and hit the gas pedal, knowing he would move, and not really caring if he didn’t. She knew now for sure, he had been the cause of the noise that made her crash against the tree, and that meant she was in deep trouble unless she was able to get away.

She speeded up, closing her green eyes for a split second when she was about to hit him, only opening them when she was able to drive through with no more accidents.

Danielle didn’t look back, she just kept driving as fast as she could, eager to get as far away as possible from whatever that was.

The villagers had been right. There was a damn beast wandering the woods.

A few miles down the road, her car stopped dead, white smoke coming from under the hood. She looked at the dashboard, not a little surprised to see the car had overheated. She guessed she had broken the radiator with the crash, and she had lost all of the coolant.

Cursing her luck, she tried to make a decision. The sun would rise in a few hours, it was past two in the morning, but it was mid-October, up in the mountains, in a dense forest. She had no idea when the sun would actually come up.

If the creature was after her, it would get to her in a matter of minutes. Wandering off into the woods or even down the road would not help her either since she would be totally helpless.

But she had to do something, and sitting around was not an option. Danielle finally decided going down the road would be her best option. She quickly changed from her high heels into the sneakers she had packed. After putting on a warmer sweater over her dress, she pulled her flashlight out of the glove compartment and hopped out of the car.

Once out of the car, she waited for a moment, to see if she could hear anything, but she was surrounded by deafening silence. The loudest sound was the beating of her heart and her heavy breaths.

She locked the car and ran off, using the flashlight to stay on the road. She ran for at least thirty minutes. After that, her sedentary life behind a desk had her panting for air and hurting all over.

Danielle wanted to run farther, but she just couldn’t. After a few moments struggling for air, she concluded the creature was not following her. Whatever it meant by jumping onto her car, didn’t matter anymore. She felt safe enough to walk the rest of the way.

Taking her cell phone out of her back pocket, she intended to call a tow for her car, but she had no signal. She would have to walk further down the road and hope for the best.

Shivering with cold, she kept walking, but things got a bit harder when the road started going up instead of down.

“Damn luck!” she cried out, taking a seat on a massive rock by the road shoulder, too tired to go on.

It was freezing cold, and her teeth chattered so much she couldn’t stop them. She was starting to think leaving the car had been a bad idea when a howl had her jumping to her feet. It sounded so near, her heart almost stopped.

The creature was really after her.

Driven by fear and adrenalin, she started running again, trying to get as far as possible from the creature, but this time, she could hear its footsteps getting closer and closer.

Too scared to think clearly, she entered the woods, turning off her flashlight and thanking all the gods she had ever heard of, for the moonlight to show her the way.

But it followed her into the woods. She could hear the twigs breaking and the branches being pushed away as it came closer and closer to her.

Desperate, she ran faster, as fast as she could, but it was no use. She made an abrupt change of course, hoping to detour it from her current location. But she missed her step, and all of a sudden, she was rolling down the hill until she tumbled into a tree hitting her head on a rock. Then everything went dark.

Chapter Two

Danielle came slowly to her senses. The first thing she noticed was the piercing pain at the back of her head, and her whole body hurt as if she had been hit by a truck. Feeling a bit confused and in a lot of pain, she made a considerable effort to open her eyes, not sure where she was or how she had gotten there.

Fortunately, the room was dimly lit, the only light coming from the fireplace in front of her, and she was able to fully open her eyes, trying to recognize the room she was in.

The sound of someone breaking a twig behind her brought it all back to her. The creature… the crash… the chase… and finally, her fall.

She touched her fingers to the back of her head, whimpering when she felt the stickiness of blood, her heart drumming so hard, she was sure it would come out of her chest.

She had passed out after the fall.

The conclusion hit her like a punch to her stomach, and she closed her eyes, not sure she wanted to know where she was or with whom.

Taking a few deep breaths, she looked around, without moving much, hoping not to alert the creature she was already conscious.

She was in a very rustic cabin, made entirely of logs, with just one big room, as far as she could see. She was laying on a bed, covered in furs, right in front of the fireplace.

Not far from where she lay, there was a small table and a couple of chairs next to an ancient iron stove with a cauldron on top of it that filled the room with a delicious smell. The door to the cabin was right on the other side, and she calculated her chances of getting to the door before the creature got to her.

She could sense it not far from the bed, somewhere out of sight, but definitely there. She could feel its intense stare and his sharp intakes of air as if he was struggling against something.

No matter what, she had to try to escape. She couldn’t simply lay there and let him do whatever he wanted with her. That was not the way she was.

But the minute Danielle pushed the fur back, she realized two things: one she was completely naked and two, she was fully in estrous. Copious, clear slick dripped from her pussy, and the scent was so powerful it overwhelmed her.

“Cover yourself,” the creature snarled, in a harsh tone, from somewhere behind her.

She did as told, too scared and too astounded by his words.

“Where are we? What do you want from me?” she asked, pressing the furs against her naked body.

“You’re in estrous,” he stated, ignoring all her questions.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she lied blatantly, her tone a bit too shaky for her taste.

“You’re hurt, and I really wouldn’t want to add more to your injuries, so if you want to make it through the night, I suggest you lay still and keep your mouth shut,” he snarled at her.

Danielle still hadn’t turned to look at him, too scared to confirm she was, in fact, trapped in a small cabin with a creature she didn’t know how to describe and that scared the hell out of her.

“How long was I out?” she asked, realizing it was still dark outside.

“The whole day,” he grumbled.

She closed her eyes, not sure she wanted to know what had happened during all that time. He had taken off her clothes, that was obvious, but what else had happened?

When she opened her eyes, he was standing in front of her. He wasn’t quite the monster she expected, though he looked primitive, something less than human. His black hair was swept back from this face from a hairline that started low on his forehead. He had a beard that almost looked like fur from his jawline extending down his neck. As he spoke, she could see he had large canine, or maybe lupine fangs.

 “I don’t mate corpses… there’s no fun in that,” he said, mocking her, reading her expression correctly. “As long as you’re injured, I’ll do my best to stay away from you, but your estrous doesn’t make things exactly easy,” he warned her.

“Only my species should be able to sense it,” she pointed out, sure he was not one of the alphas. Her people had stopped shifting thousands of years ago, and they shifted into full animals, not into the creature she had seen lit by her car lights.

“Well, I can assure you I do not belong to your species… but I was able to sense you the minute you entered these woods,” he assured her, startling her.

“How’s that possible?” she asked, scared of the meaning of his words.

“I don’t know.”

“Will you let me go?” she asked, though she already knew the answer to that question.

No male would ever let her go. It was stronger than any of them.


The word resounded in the room, and she gasped for air.

“You have no right to hold me, prisoner,” she protested, though she knew it was in vain.

“We both know things aren’t that simple,” he said in a harsh tone. “I’ve filled the tub with hot water. Take a bath and put on the clothes I brought you. I’ll be outside.”

She watched him leave the room, realizing in awe the patch of fur she had noticed before, went all the way to his waist, narrowing as it went down.

A shudder of sheer fear shook her body, and she rubbed her face, not sure what to do. Escape was no longer an option. She wouldn’t get far, not naked, and about to experience the effects of her estrous. Though she had no idea exactly what would happen, she was sure it wouldn’t be easy.

The idea of a hot bath was too appealing for her to ignore it, so after a few deep breaths to calm her nerves, she got up, whimpering at the sharp pain that pierced her head. She figured she had hit her head against something hard, probably a stone, while she was rolling down the hill.

The tub was made of wood, and it was right behind the bed, close enough to the fireplace to keep whoever was in it warm.

There was a bar of soap next to it and a clean towel and something she didn’t recognize at first. Not until Mother Nature called, and she realized it was some sort of potty. 

Though she wasn’t thrilled with it, she used it, making sure she wiped some of the slick still dripping from her pussy in the process. It would only get worse, that much she knew, as well as the arousal she was already feeling taking over her body.

She took a quick bath, making sure she washed the wound on her head as best as she could – her long mane made things a bit harder, – despite the pain, it caused her.

Her whole body was covered in bruises, but none required medical attention. That was a relief since she was sure she wouldn’t be able to convince him to take her to the nearest town. Not until her estrous was over, and god knows how long it would take it to disappear.

She was growing restless, and she could tell her skin was a lot more sensitive than usual. A simple graze to her clit ripped a heartfelt moan from her lips as pleasure surged through her body.

She knew things wouldn’t get any better. According to what she had learned, that wasn’t much, she would soon crave a male… any male. She hated the idea of giving up control that way.

‘Perhaps, the heat suppressors weren’t such a bad idea, after all,’ she thought, scowling.

That was the main reason she was up there in the mountains. She expected to be all alone for miles around, so she could go through her estrous alone. She hadn’t expected it to come so fast after she dropped the pills and she, sure as hell, hadn’t expected to find a male like him.

Because he was definitely a male. Wherefrom, she still had no idea, but he was definitely male. It still amazed her that he was able to sense her estrous and be affected by it. She knew ordinary humans couldn’t.

The hunger gnawing at her very core was quickly getting out of control. Danielle slid one hand back to her aching clit and the other to her swollen breasts, looking for release.

Her back arched in sheer need, and she whimpered as the caresses only seemed to make her hunger grow.

 A loud growl came from the door that should have made her stop. Instead, it only made her go faster, trying to please a need she didn’t really understand.

The door slammed open, and the male stepped in, his eyes bluer than any she had seen.

“What are you doing?” he snarled at her, his nostrils flaring as if taking in her scents as much as he could.

By then, she was beyond herself. Her estrous had taken over her. All she could think of was satisfying the need that was eating her alive.

Her glazed eyes turned to look at him, whatever fear she had felt for him completely gone. “I can’t stop…” she moaned, kneeling in the tub, silently asking him to help her make it go away.

“You have no idea what you’re asking…” he snarled again, his hands clenched into fists as if he was struggling to control himself.

She licked her lips. A mind-blowing wave of arousal washed over her, as her primal self, relished the male standing in front of her.  “I can’t help it,” she sobbed. Her hands caressed her breasts and seductively pinched her nipples, as more slick slid down her thighs.

“You have to stop,” he ordered, taking a step closer and then stepping back.

Danielle could tell he was struggling with the pull, resisting as much as he could, as if his rational side rejected the idea of mating her.

“I can’t… I won’t…” she assured him, through ragged gasps, her body shuddering out of sheer need.

“You must,” he insisted.

She shook her head. “It won’t stop… leave me alone…” she begged, now sure she couldn’t do anything to calm her fever, to satisfy her hunger.

He looked at her for a few more moments, his eyes searing her skin before he walked out the door, slamming it behind him.

She whimpered, frustrated, as wave after wave of heat crashed over her, the craving turning into painful cramps.

Breathing deep, she got out of the tub and dried herself as best as she could before she dragged herself back to the bed.

This was bad… worse than she ever had heard of. She needed release urgently, but not the kind she could give herself. She needed a male to mate her, or the pain would kill her, she was sure of it.

End of Sample