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Sandra and Shannon are identical twins whose lives change drastically when they are abducted by aliens to be sold either as slaves or as life partners to other aliens. Sandra is dismayed to be separated from her beloved sister on the journey to the sale. They are both unhappy to learn at the sale they will be going to different worlds.

But Shannon has a plan. She steals a communication device similar to a cell phone and gives it to Sandra when one of the guards allows them to say good bye. Shannon will get another device and call her with a plan to escape.

Sandra’s buyer arrives to claim her and she is distressed to feel an attraction to the big, handsome alien who bought her. He thinks he had paid a kind of dowry for a willing mate, but he finds out different when he takes her back to his ship. He gets her into his room and expects her to have sex with him before she even knows his name.

Cyran, who bought her to be his mate and life partner agrees to allow her to get to know him before they have sex, when she makes it clear that she never signed up for this. Her prospective mate wonders about the wisdom of buying a life partner.

Sandra doesn’t want to care for Cyran or be attracted to him but she is attracted to him and he uses that as leverage to seduce her into his arms until she can no longer resist making love to him.

But that’s not the end. Sandra learns that Cyran’s life has not always been enviable. He has demons to face from his past that will change both their lives

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Arantxa thought her best friend was crazy to even think about applying to an alien matchmaking agency to find a husband. Samantha thinks it’s a great opportunity for them to escape their mundane lives and get husbands. She will even pay Arantxa fee. She finally gets Arantxa to agree with plans for them to only look for mates on the same planet.

When Samantha finds her mate first, Arantxa convinces her she should go ahead and meet him. With Samantha gone, Arantxa decides to take a chance on a man named Biurk from the same planet. Things start to go haywire from there.

Instead of letting her use the agency transport, he convinces her to let him send a ship for her. Arantxa has her suspicions that things aren’t quite right but she tamps down her doubts.

The ship is seized by pirates who kidnap her to sell as a sex slave. But before they arrange to sell her they take her back to their planet and amuse themselves by torturing her and the ship’s crew.

So Biurk hires a mercenary to rescue. Arantxa. She feels an unexpected attraction to Korben who is sent to rescue her. A wrong turn and a missing communicator leave them lost in the forest alone together.

Feeling duty bound to give Biurk a chance to court her, Arantxa fights the growing attraction to Korben. Only vaguely humanoid compared to Biurk, Arantxa doesn’t understand this illogical fascination with this alien who no one would mistake for human.

Nothing is quite as it seems nor do all the pieces fall together until almost the very end.

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