Cuyler’s: Drogon’s Medieval Adventure:

A Historical Celestial Mates SciFi (Chimera Drak Mates Book 1)

New Ending to the story in 2nd edition
The Drogon homeworld is on the verge of destruction, which forces the whole species into unknown adventures to find a new homeworld. Four vessels depart the dying planet when the wave of a planetary explosion sends all the ships in different directions.

This is the story of Cuyler the drogon’s king and his journey to find a new homeworld, only to discover most of the female population was abroad one of the missing ships.

In their search for women, the drogons arrive in medieval England and after a few adventures, they are able to go back home with their soulmates and the promise of getting more females for their people

Ethan: Cyborg of Honor (Knights of the future Book 1)

In a devastated post-war planet Earth, a group of cyborg warriors gathered to search the universe for the best place for people to relocate. Some of their clients had some very particular demands. When Kawan Gyeon, a Korean warlord came to visit Ethan Hunter, the cyborgs leader, Ethan knew his demands wouldn’t be like the others. Gyeon wanted to take his people to a planet with no other human settlements, one where he could set the rules himself. So, he hired Ethan and his men to find the perfect place for that.

Ethan was the first one to find a planet that satisfied the conditions requested by their client – a planet with water, a perfect atmosphere, fertile soils and ruled by an alien race that had turned the planet into some sort of welcoming grounds for those with no home. The Dreshanians had built several colonies they sold to those people in need that were willing to accept their rules. Apparently, everything looked perfect, but once Ethan started to dig deeper, he found out things weren’t ideal as they seemed.

Despite all the problems, Ethan met an alien female that reminded him he was still human, that inside his powerful body there was still a beating heart with very human needs. Neela slid into his heart and now he would have to find a way to keep her in his life.

Vrak’s Bride: Mail Order Brides Alien Mate Romance (Galactic Brides Book 2)

The last thing Vrak had in mind was getting a wife to share the lonely life he had chosen for himself in Sumirion. But the minute he laid eyes on that human female, he knew his life had changed forever. But Aliyah wasn’t meant for him. She was contracted to be another man’s wife and his job was to deliver her to him.

Living on a devastated Earth, Aliyah is ready to leave. Her only way out is to join a Mail Order Bride Agency and marry an alien she has never seen. With almost no food and no medicines left, she doesn’t have much choice and after giving it some thought, she finally joined the agency.

A few weeks later she traveled to a planet called Sumirion to marry a warrior. By the time she arrived, she had second thoughts about the whole thing, though she had no other choice. Meeting Vrak only made things even harder for her. A terrible storm bought them a bit of time but it wasn’t enough. Vrak would face big trouble to get what he wants – his woman.

Kahm: Mail Order Brides Alien Mate Romance (Galactic Brides Book 1)

Intergalactic Mail Order Bride Agency offers young women escape from war ravaged Earth if they will marry an alien sight unseen.
Selena finally accepts her only chance of survival for her and her family remains in that offer and she agrees to become a maid order bride.
After a long journey, she finally arrived to Sumirion, the planet where her new husband awaits for her. He is nothing like what she had expected, but she can’t help feeling immediately attracted by him.
The passion between them was immediate and powerful and all seemed to go better than her wildest dreams when a woman from his past showed up to stir things up.
Would their passion be enough to keep them together?

Jarcor Returns: A Scifi Cyborg Romance Series (The Cyborns Reborn Book 6)

After four years living on Arcadia, Jarcor decided it was time to go back to Earth to find Sabrina and try to convince her to come to Arcadia with him. But the first thing he found out about her was that she had a little girl. Sure, she had moved on and forgotten him, he didn’t insist on seeing him when she avoided meeting him. But her daughter had other plans and soon he was discovered she was his daughter too. Passion between them flared as if they had never been apart. Convincing her to go to Arcadia with him wasn’t as hard as he thought it would be but convincing her to stay might not be as easy. Given a second chance, he planned to use it to seduce her and convince her she couldn’t live without him anymore. But unexpected events turned their lives upside down and only a miracle would make them right again.

Jaed: A Cyborg Romance Story (The Cyborgs Reborn Series Book 4)

Tossed out of a Taucet’s vessel in midair, Jaed found himself wounded and under the protection of a human female. She had found him on the snow, right after a big storm hit her small farm. She took care of him, giving him the needed time for his nanocybots to heal him and put him back on his feet. Certain the army would come for him as soon as the storm faded away, he didn’t try to escape, at least, not until he realized going back wasn’t an option. He had found love and he wasn’t willing to lose it.

Bretdon: A Cyborg’s First and only Mate (The Cyborgs Reborn Book 4)

Bretdon hasn’t considered escaping.
Of course, that idea has always been in his mind, especially ever since he heard about Jarcor and all of the other cyborgs that had managed to escape.
But, when he finds himself alone, in the middle of the woods, his desire to escape becomes the only thing he can think of. All he needs is to find someone he can persuade into helping him to free himself from the humans’ enslavement.
Ophelia is crossing the country to go visit her mother. With the world at war, it’s not the most sensible idea she has ever had, but she hadn’t been able to continue saying no to her mother.
On a minute of distraction, she runs over a man on the road. Startled, she steers the wheel and jumps out of the car sure she has killed the stranger.
But he isn’t dead. He’s very much alive and he’s a cyborg.
From that moment on, their lives intertwine in ways they never thought possible.

Rafaroy: A Cyborg’s First and only Mate (The Cyborgs Reborn Book 3)

Earth was attacked by the Taucets, an alien race, determined to steal the planet from us. Forced to fight against a powerful enemy, humans created the cyborgs: enhanced human warriors, but they soon forgot about the human part of these powerful warriors.

Enslaved by the humans and forced to act against their will, the cyborgs quickly rebelled and started to escape the human’s oppression. Rafaroy is one of them. Helped by a human woman,he escapes during the invasion from a Taucets’colony,but gets injured on his way out.

Elena, a human female enslaved by the Taucets, uses the attack on the colony she’s in, to escape both the humans and the Taucets, just to fall prisoner of the sensuous cyborg she bumps into on her escape. They go through a journey not only of escape but also of self-knowledge as they act on the potent attraction between them.

Khajal: A Cyborg’s First and only Mate (The Cyborgs Reborn)

Planet Earth was invaded by an alien race, the Taucets.
Humans fought back, especially with their cyborgs, warriors conceived to fight tirelessly against their alien enemies. Unfortunately, humans decided cyborgs should be considered machines enslaved to their masters and forgotten they were mostly humans.
In no time this new race was struggling to free themselves from human’s yoke this is the story of Khajal, a fugitive cyborg

Captain Lucas Jarcor – a Prequel to the Series The Cyborgs Reborn 1

Humans had finally made it. They had found the way to create the perfect soldier, part human part machine, able to heal itself and fight for the sake of humankind. They developed a high technology using nanocybots to enhance the soldiers from their embryonic stage.

But it took them too long to see the results of this fabulous technology, so they decided to try it in an adult soldier, a man wounded in the battlefield. The transformation was a total hit.
What they didn’t expect was not being able to fully control the new cyborg.
This is the story of Jarcor, a man turned into a cyborg and who quickly became the leader of the unprotected and mistreated cyborgs.

This book is a prequell to the series and contains an extended preview of Bretdon Book #3 in the series