Kael’s Quest: A Paranormal SciFi Alien Romance (New Earth Book 1)

Kael left Zuvrak for planet Earth with a few of his friends to search for their soulmates. When they were about to reach the planet, they were thrown into a black hole that destroyed their vessel and forced to leave it in escape pods.
Kael soon realized this planet wasn’t the Earth his mother had described to him. People barely had any technology, and demons were hunting them, killing the men and stealing the women.Though at first Kael had no intention of intervening, he soon changed his mind, because the woman he was falling in love with was in danger.

Cuyler’s: Drogon’s Medieval Adventure:

A Historical Celestial Mates SciFi (Chimera Drak Mates Book 1)

New Ending to the story in 2nd edition
The Drogon homeworld is on the verge of destruction, which forces the whole species into unknown adventures to find a new homeworld. Four vessels depart the dying planet when the wave of a planetary explosion sends all the ships in different directions.

This is the story of Cuyler the drogon’s king and his journey to find a new homeworld, only to discover most of the female population was abroad one of the missing ships.

In their search for women, the drogons arrive in medieval England and after a few adventures, they are able to go back home with their soulmates and the promise of getting more females for their people

Colborn, Drogon Healer (A Drogons Fate Series Book 5)

Gil Ra looked around trying to put on a good face and a bright smile.

This was supposed to be a second chance in life. But she couldn’t stop thinking about the past and what she had left behind.

Being abducted by aliens sounded so much like the title of a cheap sci-fi movie, and yet it had happened to her. That night, when she had decided she couldn’t take it any longer, the mocking, the loneliness and the feeling she had failed the only person that depended on her completely had become overwhelming, and that night she had decided to end it all.

She had left everything ready, no unfinished matters, no one to worry about her and surely no one to mourn her. And so, she had walked in the middle of the night, to the highest bridge she was able to find near the tiny room, she had been living in.

She walked out to the middle of the bridge unseen, or so she had thought . . . . . . . . . .


I loved it.
August 21, 2017
I loved Coldron. How they both fought for to not falling in love, was cool to see. And like many people, they assume rather than ask.
The way she showed the Asian woman’s submission to the man and/or the elders, was perfect. The importance of maintaining honor, which is so rooted in Asian culture, has been shown flawlessly.
I like how she showed the Asian behave about suicide. And the preparetion needed to commit suicide.
I’m looking forward for more

Asgar – Drogon General: (A Drogons Fate Series Book 3)

The Drogans search many worlds to find females as the birthrate for females of their race dwindles. Then they learn of a slave auction, hosted by the Slythonians who are known to capture the best female breeders in the galaxy.

Drogan General Asgar buys all the women the Slythonians have abducted from Earth a second time. He brings them back to his world where they believe they are to become sex slaves.

This book is the story of our second abductee Saha.

A star in love and war
on August 8, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
This series has been a delight to read. The storyline is well thought out, with the main thread of a civilization that is I danger of dying out due to the lack of females to mate with the males. The search for potential mates is successful with the discovery of the women from Earth. The storyline differs in each book when one of the Drogons and finds his soul mate in the women from Earth.
The characters are well developed,with little or no hysterics from the females. In other words, I have yet to find a twit among them. In this story, Sasha and her roommate, Eleanor, have been kidnapped and sold to Asggar, the representative of the King of the Drogons. Sasha’s adventures in her time with Asgar are the the focus of the book. I found myself reading as fast as I could to find out what happened in this story. I recommend you do the same.

Haakon, The Drogon Prince (A Drogons Fate Series Book 2)

The Slythonians are an alien race well know for capturing the best female breeders in the galaxy.

When women are abducted from Earth by alien slavers to be sold as sex slaves they think their lives are over.

Rosalind is acquired by Haakon, The Drogon Prince to be a breeder

Join me and let’s find out what happens

   on August 5, 2017

The series begins with the story-line of a race of Drogon that is dying out due to the lack of females to continue the race. Enter the bad guys (slavers) who had two humans slaves to auction off. Purchased by the King’s representative, the two women, Erin and Rosalind, become the first human mates of the Drogons. Their stories follow their adventures as they find their mates and true love.

There is a second story that follows the King’s representatives as they return to the slavers to purchase more kidnapped humans for the Drogons. This one has a twist to the story that makes it even more interesting. Overall, I have read the first of the series with much enjoyment and plan to follow the series. I recommend this series very highly.