Vrak’s Bride: Mail Order Brides Alien Mate Romance (Galactic Brides Book 2)

The last thing Vrak had in mind was getting a wife to share the lonely life he had chosen for himself in Sumirion. But the minute he laid eyes on that human female, he knew his life had changed forever. But Aliyah wasn’t meant for him. She was contracted to be another man’s wife and his job was to deliver her to him.

Living on a devastated Earth, Aliyah is ready to leave. Her only way out is to join a Mail Order Bride Agency and marry an alien she has never seen. With almost no food and no medicines left, she doesn’t have much choice and after giving it some thought, she finally joined the agency.

A few weeks later she traveled to a planet called Sumirion to marry a warrior. By the time she arrived, she had second thoughts about the whole thing, though she had no other choice. Meeting Vrak only made things even harder for her. A terrible storm bought them a bit of time but it wasn’t enough. Vrak would face big trouble to get what he wants – his woman.

Kahm: Mail Order Brides Alien Mate Romance (Galactic Brides Book 1)

Intergalactic Mail Order Bride Agency offers young women escape from war ravaged Earth if they will marry an alien sight unseen.
Selena finally accepts her only chance of survival for her and her family remains in that offer and she agrees to become a maid order bride.
After a long journey, she finally arrived to Sumirion, the planet where her new husband awaits for her. He is nothing like what she had expected, but she can’t help feeling immediately attracted by him.
The passion between them was immediate and powerful and all seemed to go better than her wildest dreams when a woman from his past showed up to stir things up.
Would their passion be enough to keep them together?