Haakon, The Drogon Prince (A Drogons Fate Series Book 2)

The Slythonians are an alien race well know for capturing the best female breeders in the galaxy.

When women are abducted from Earth by alien slavers to be sold as sex slaves they think their lives are over.

Rosalind is acquired by Haakon, The Drogon Prince to be a breeder

Join me and let’s find out what happens

   on August 5, 2017

The series begins with the story-line of a race of Drogon that is dying out due to the lack of females to continue the race. Enter the bad guys (slavers) who had two humans slaves to auction off. Purchased by the King’s representative, the two women, Erin and Rosalind, become the first human mates of the Drogons. Their stories follow their adventures as they find their mates and true love.

There is a second story that follows the King’s representatives as they return to the slavers to purchase more kidnapped humans for the Drogons. This one has a twist to the story that makes it even more interesting. Overall, I have read the first of the series with much enjoyment and plan to follow the series. I recommend this series very highly.

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