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Descended from a race of wolfen shifters from another world, Danielle was an omega, born to alpha parents. Because they were embarrassed, they’d produced an omega, they sent her away to boarding schools. Her parents have it all planned right down to the alpha they plan for her to marry and claim so none of their kind will know she was and omega and their offspring.

On her way to spend some time at her cousin’s cabin, Danielle gets lost in the mountain forest, frightened by the legendary werewolf monster reputed to roam there. About to go into heat, her scent has lured him to her. As she is fleeing, she falls and hits her head Azan rescues her and takes her back to his cabin.

For reason’s she can’t explain, she is not afraid of this alien werewolf shifter. She is in heat and needs relief only he can give her by making love to her again and again.

And then he is gone…

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